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Vancouver BC & Singapore Lawyer

Nite skyline of Singapore - caption SINGAPORE LAWYERS

Robert Y. C. Leong fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.
Robert Y.C.. Leong, in office with view of Vancouver BC  Falsecreek Robert Yung Chang Leong, Singapore & Vancouver Canada lawyer Canada Immigration Application Appeals and Inadmissibility Lawyer - CLICK for more on his background profile and contact him.

Vancouver Chinese Asian Lawyers & Immigration Consultants

Business immigration lawyers and consultants Jeffrey Lowe, Robert Leong, Leticia Siu , Vivien Lee, immigr>ration consultant and Rita Cheng, immigration consultant - click to  需要为您的加拿大移民事务提供专业的解决方案吗?

See our Chinese lang- uage web site: /ch

Lowe and Company, is an immigration law firm which has served Vancouver for over 25 years.  Members include: 

Jeffrey S. Lowe, Vancouver immigration-business lawyer with  over 25 years work with clients from over 65 countries - focus on business immigration

For more information in Chinese go to 需要为您的加拿大移民事务提供专业的解决方案吗?

Lowe & Company,
#900 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Web site:

South Asian Canada and USA Business Immigration Lawyer

Saba Naqvi, fluent in Hindi and Urdu, is both a BC Canada Business Immigration lawyer and is called to the California USA bar, and practising USA immigration law.  She is co-founder of downtown Vancouver Boughton Law Corp, business immigration law team - click for more information

Saba Z. Naqvi, BA JD fluent in Urdu, Hindi आव्रजन वकील and English, called to the Bar in Canada, B.C. and USA California, providing immigration services for both Canada and US Immigrants. 

Saba is former chair of the American Immigration lawyers Association, Canadian Chapter. copy of Saba Naqvi, JD interview on CKNW Radio re "The Nuts and Bolts of Hiring Foreign Talent" and Businesses dealing with Canada Immigration Rules in 2015-09
Saba Naqvi, JD experienced immigration lawyer , photo fr. Youtube upload of 2015 CKNW radio interview on current  process for businesses in Canada to hire foreign workers - Saba gives outline of Immigration rules and process  - CLICK TO  YOUTUBE  interview
Saba Naqvi, JD, BC Canada and California USA Immigration Lawyer has her office in downtown Vancouver.  See her web profile at lawyers/ saba-z-naqvi

Interview can be heard at:

Saba Z. Naqvi
Boughton Law Corp.
Suite 700 - 595 Burrard St.
P.O. Box 49290,
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7X 1S8
Tel: 604 687 6789
Website: naqvi

Bruce Harwood utube presentation on tips for cross border business vs work travellers clik to video

BRUCE HARWOOD, BA MA LLB Canada Business Immigration Lawyer

Bruce Harwood, a former officer with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, and advisor to the federal court on citizenship matters as amicus cariae.
He represents both corporate and individual clients in a variety of matters under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Citizenship Act and ancillary legislation such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and Canada Chile Free Trade Agreement as well as provincially based nomination programs.
This work includes applications for permanent residence in business, Immigrant categories, applications for skilled workers under Federal and provincially based Immigration Programs, applications for temporary workers under the Immigration Regulations pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as well as applications for Canadian Citizenship.
Mr. Harwood assists clients with issues of criminal or medical inadmissibility and has appeared before the Immigration Appeal Division and Federal Court of Canada.
Boughton Law Corp.
Suite 700 - 595 Burrard St,
P.O. Box 49290,
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7X 1S8
Tel: 604 687 6789
Web: ... /bruce-j-harwood

Manila, Philippines & Vancouver Lawyer,
Vicente Asunction Jr.'s office view of Vancouver False Creek and downtown Vicente Asuncion Jr., JD, fluent in Tagalog, Spanish and English based in B.C. 
Practices with over 30 years experience in Philippines and Vancouver:

  • Canada Immigration & Private International Law
  • Business Law
  • Non-Litigation Family Law
  • Real Estate Law selective cases
 view of Vancouver and False Creek from Asuncion's office window on Broadway

Lawyer Licensed to Practice in
Germany Hamburg & Canada Vancouver, BC

Monika Sievers called to the Hamburg Germany bar and the BC  bar, head office in Vancouver

Monika Sievers-Redekop, LLB LLM, fluent in German, French and English  Is licensed to practice in Germany as well as in BC Canada.

Barrister & Solicitor
* Deutschland * Rechtsanwaeltin (OLG Hamburg)
Monika Sievers-Redekop LL.M. ist seit 1995 zugelassene Rechtsanwaeltin beim Oberlandesgericht Hamburg und seit 2000 zugelassene Rechtsanwaeltin in Britisch Kolumbien.
Seit 2000 praktiziert sie ausschliesslich kanadisches Einwanderungsrecht und assistiert bei Bedarf in rechtsuebergreifenden Angelegenheiten in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kanzlei in Hamburg.
Die Schwerpunkte ihrer Kanzlei in Vancouver liegen in der

  • Einwanderungsrechtsberatung fuer Privatpersonen und Unternehmen,
  • dem Erwerb von Arbeitsgenehmigungen mit oder ohne anschliessender Einwanderungsoption,
  • Aufrechterhaltung des Status als Permanent Resident,
  • Staatsangehrigkeitserwerb - und Verlust,
  • doppelte Staatsangehoerigkeit und Beibehaltungsgenehmigungen, und
    dem Familienzuzug (Sponsorship).

Wir beraten Mandanten zu allen Fragen des Erwerb einer Arbeitserlaubnis in Kanada sowie der Einwanderung als Skilled Worker mit oder ohne Arbeitsangebot, als Geschaeftsmann, als Investor oder beim Familien- Sponsorship einschliesslich der Provinzprogramme, die eine Einwanderung ermoeglichen.
Monika Sievers called to the Hamburg Germany bar and the BC  bar, head office in Vancouver Selbstverstaendlich assistieren wir beim Erwer b der kanadischen Staatsangehörigkeit und der doppelten Staatsangehörigkeit und dem Erhalt der Permanent Resident Karte.

Canada Immigration Lawyer
1500-701 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C. V7Y 1C6
Tel: 604.220.0618
Web (English):

Toronto, GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Ontario

Canada Immigration Alliance features 2 Certified Immigration Specialist Lawyers, Nancy Elliot and Mary Keyork with offices in Toronto and Montreal, lawyers fluent in English, PRC Chinese and Taiwanese Mandarin, French, Armenian and some Spanish click to website Nancy Elliot, Toronto business immigration lawyer who has studdied in China and fluent in PRC Mandarin Chinese, also Ontario Certified Immigration Specialist

Nancy Elliott, B.A., LL.B studied Chinese in Toronto, Beijing & Taiwan. .. "She studied Mandarin at the Beijing Foreign Languages Normal College in 1986 and at the Taiwan National University in 1987.  She was provided a grant to research Chinese law in Beijing, Chongqing and Kunming."

Fluent in English, Mandarin , Spanish and French, she has handled hundreds of applications for permanent residence in all categories and has successfully represented clients at every type of immigration hearing, including admissibility hearings, appeals at the Immigration Appeal Division and at numerous applications to the Federal Court of Canada.

Nancy Elliott writes a weekly column on immigration law in the Chinese daily newspaper "Ming Pao Daily News"  明報加東版(多倫多), where she answers all types of questions relating to applications for permanent residence, temporary residence, processing issues and immigration policies. [see more at]

Mary Keyork, LL.B., LL.M. Certified [Canada] Citizenship and Immigration Law Specialist for immigration, citizenship & refugee cases with offices in Toronto & Montreal, is fluent in English, French and Armenian (Eastern and Western) and has conversational abilities in Spanish.

Mary Keyork has handled hundreds of immigration applications in all categories and has appeared before all three Divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board as well as at the Federal Court of Canada, successfully representing clients in complex immigration applications and hearings.  [ see article Deportation-and-reapplication 2017 story

Canadian Immigration Alliance - Head Office
5000 Yonge Street,
Suite 1901
Toronto, Ontario, M2N 7E9
Tel:    416-907-8222
Toll Free:  1-855-231-1311

Jeremiah Eastman, BA LLB
Jeremiah Eastman, Toronto Brampton Canada Immigration lawyer working  with UAE clients Canada Immigration Lawyer Formerly a Federal Crown Attorney with over 10 years of experience as an immigration lawyer with the Government of Canada.  He left government service to work as an independent lawyer in 2006.  Works extensively in:
 · Immigration law
 · Administrative law
 · The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms
 · International law

Has appeared before:

Jeremiah served for several years on the Board of Directors for Calcutta Missions of Mercy and of New Missions in Haiti.

In recent years, he has made trips to the Middle East to consult with clients. 

Eastman Law Office,
10 Gillingham Drive,
suite 206
Brampton, ONTARIO,  L6X 5A5
Phone:  (905) 451-1550


Mary Keyork, BA, LLB LLM
Mary Keyork, immigration lawyer with offices in Toronto and Montreal, fluent in French, Armenian, English and has some Spanish is fluent in Armenian, French, English and has some Spanish language skills has office in both Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec profile member of the Armenian Bar Association

In addition to her practice for Immigration Appeals and Inadmissibility Cases - she also handles work permits, labour market opinions, NAFTA work permits,and permanent residence applications.

Toronto office:
5000 Yonge Street, #1901
Toronto, ONTARIO, M2N 7E9
Phone:  416- 479-3632
Toll Free:  1-855-281-5500

Montreal, Quebec

Mary Keyork, BA LLB LLM
Mary Keyork, immigration lawyer with offices in Toronto and Montreal, fluent in French, Armenian, English and has some Spanish fluent in French, English, Armenian and some Spanish is a Immigration lawyer, experienced in application appeals, at Federal Court, inclding work with refugee claims. 

She also handles work permits, labour market opinions, NAFTA work permits,and permanent residence applications for other immigrant categories.
Mary Keyork, LLB LLM
440 Avenue Beaumont
Montreal, QC  H3N 1V4
Phone:  514-664-1227
Toll Free:  1-855-281-5500

Nite skyline of Singapore - caption SINGAPORE LAWYERS

Robert Y.C. Leong, Canada immigration applications reviews and appeals lawyer
Robert Yung Chang Leong, Singapore & Vancouver Canada lawyer SINGAPORE LAW OFFICE can be seen at our-people/ leong-yung-chang.html



Robert Yung Chang Leong, Singapore & Vancouver Canada lawyer

Robert Y.C. Leong, LLB (hons) - “... was called to the Bar at Middle Temple, England in 1993. He then returned to his native Singapore and practised there as an Advocate & Solicitor for 15 years before immigrating to Canada.  He qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor in British Columbia in 2011, and has handled Labour Market Opinions for multiple provinces, Skilled Workers, Family Sponsorships and BC Provincial Nominee cases.  He also handles immigration appeals, criminality and other inadmissibility issues.  Robert holds the unique ability to practice in both Singapore and British Columbia.”

Robert Y.C.. Leong, in office with view of Vancouver BC  Falsecreek

2015 updates:  Robert was formerly (in 2013) the Secretary on the Executive of the Canadian Bar Association, B.C. Chapter, Immigration Law Section

2013 update:  Robert is an active member of the Vancouver BC Singapore club and has written a recent article for immigrants and residency requirements enforcement in their newsletter see page four newsletters/ Contact-2013-2.pdf (2013.02 nb)

Business immigration lawyers and consultants Jeffrey Lowe, Robert Leong, Leticia Siu , Vivien Lee, immigration consultant and Rita Cheng, immigration consultant - click to



Lowe & Company
Immigration and Business Lawyers
Tel: 1 (604) 875-9338
Suite 900 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V5Z 4J7
Website:  Chinese Version
Website:  English version

Jeffrey S. Lowe, founder of Lowe & Co. 25 years of Canada immigration-business services in Vancouver

Jeffrey S. Lowe, BCom, LLB
Has practised Immigration and Business law in British Columbia since 1983.  He holds both a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, and is considered an innovator in the convergence of Business, Technology and the Law.  Jeffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Lowe & Company, - and has taught Immigration Law, Practice Management and Legal Ethics to lawyers across Canada since 1990.

从1983年起,刘国雄律师在BC省 执业,从事移民及商业法。他持有BC大学法律学士及商学学士双学位,是在商业、科技、法律三样会合的领域上的革新能手。刘国雄律师是其事务所的首席资深大律师,并从1990年以来,教授加拿大各地律师关于移民法、从业管理和法律道德。 最近教授过的课程和发表文章

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Vancouver, West Broadway Office Near VGH Hospital

Philip Wiseman, JD - ICBC injury disputes lawyer - 2 blocks fr. Vancouver General Hospital offices over 25 years experience Elliot Holden , in Nov. 2013, joins Z. Philip Wiseman and Stuart Davies in  personal injury law firm  2 blocks from Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Dept. entrance, photo

Z. Philip Wiseman, JD, ICBC injury claims - law office 2 blocks from Vancouver General Hospital (VGH)

Injured in a car accident? Feeling alone? Unsure what to do?

ICBC is interested in giving you as little as possible.  ICBC does not represent your interests once you are hurt in an accident and will pressure you into taking an unjust settlement.  You need someone on your side to ensure your rights are respected and you get a fair settlement.

For more than 25 years, Vancouver personal injury lawyer Z. Philip Wiseman has been helping clients get the compensation they deserve - his team have the experience to help you.

We offer services in many languages, including: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, Vietnamese & Korean.

Z. Phlip Wiseman,
barrister & solicitor
#401 - 777 West Broadway,
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7 
Tel:  604.873.8446
Web: Lawyers-BC Profile: Z. P. Wiseman

SURREY, BC & Metro Vancouver

Dil Gosal,, JD LLM experienced personal injury and criminal defense lawyer, fluent in Punjabi, serves Surrey and Metro Vancouver Dil Gosal, BA, JD, LLM

ICBC injury claims lawyer & Criminal Defense Lawyer
Dil's practice includes:  personal injury, ICBC claims disputes, DUI impaired driving, dangerous driving, & criminal negligence driving charges in BC & Washington State.  Legal training includes a Master of Laws Degree fr. New York State University.

Dil is fluent in English and Punjabi.

Cross-Border Lawyer Dil Gosal is licensed as criminal defense and personal injury attorney in Washington State & in BC.  See GosalLaw com eg. on DUI / IRP Roadside Suspension Appeals Lawyer or assault charges
Grandview Corners Offices
250, 2411-160th Street,
South Surrey, B.C.
Canada, V3W 3A8
Tel:  604.719.1360


Web Site:

VICTORIA BC Immigration Lawyers

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