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Canadian Immigration:  Changes on the way for classifications quotas & net increase immigrant numbers for 2016.
by Sarah N. Goodman, BBA (hons), JD - 2016.05

Sarah N. Goodman, BBA (hons), Jd Immigration and Employment law lawyer in Vcitoria,  BC,  wearing court robes
As of 2019 August 02, there have been continued changes in the Canada Immigration services and options offered to prospective immigrants.  The article below is dated, for current consultation for your needs contact Sarah N. Goodman at a experienced immigration-business lawyer in Victoria BC, on Vancouver Island.

May 10, 2016 - The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum, has announced that Canada will welcome a greater number of immigrants in 2016.  Indeed, the government’s plan for 2016 is to bring in between 280,000 and 205,000 new permanent residents to Canada, which represents an overall  7.4%  increase from 2015.

The number of economic class admissions will decrease by approximately 11% this year and the number of individuals granted permanent resident status based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds will decrease by 29%.  Family class admissions will increase by approximately 17% and refugee admissions will increase by 125%.

Canada’s Liberal government has also announced that it will be making several changes to the way immigration applications are treated.

Accordingly, in addition to an overall increase in the number of permanent residents accepted to Canada, the liberal government has suggested that the following changes will take place:

  1. Providing additional points under the Express Entry system for applicants who have Canadian siblings.
  2. Removing the two (2) year condition applicable to some sponsored spouses.
  3. Developing a system of regulated companies to hire care givers on behalf of families in order to make it easier for Canadian families to hire foreign care givers for their loved ones.
  4. Reducing barriers for international students under the Express Entry system.
  5. Removing the temporary resident visa requirement imposed on citizens of Mexico.
  6. Implementing the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for visa-exempt nationals (except U.S. citizens and other specified exempt travellers) who are travelling to Canada by air.
  7. Establishing an expert human rights panel for the determination of designated countries of origin, along with a right to appeal decisions for citizens from these countries who are in Canada and who are claiming refugee status.

Our firm offers a variety of citizenship and immigration services.  Accordingly, please contact our office should you require assistance with your citizenship or immigration application.

Sarah N. Goodman, BBA (hons), JD Immigration and Employment law lawyer in Vcitoria,  BC,  wearing court robes

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Map of Asia Pacific & Canada immigration lawyers and consultants photos for Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal &  USA